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Sell Your Home at Lightning Speed: The Home Features That Can Make a Difference

Sell Your Home at Lightning Speed: The Home Features That Can Make a Difference

Selling your home can be a stressful process, but there are certain features that can help make the process go smoother and quicker. According to a recent analysis by Zillow, homes with certain features tend to sell for a higher price and at a faster rate than the average home.

If you're looking to sell your home quickly, here are some features that you might want to consider highlighting:

  1. Doorbell camera: 5.1 days faster
  2. Open shelving: 3.5 days faster
  3. Heat pump: 3 days faster
  4. Fenced backyard: 2.9 days faster
  5. Mid-century design: 2.8 days faster
  6. Hardwood floors: 2.4 days faster
  7. Walkability to nearby areas: 2.4 days faster
  8. Shiplap: 2.3 days faster
  9. Gas furnace: 2.3 days faster

Additionally, homes with certain attributes such as a steam oven, quartz finishes, or hurricane shutters/windows tend to sell for a higher price than the average home. Homes with a steam oven, for example, got a 5.3% premium more than a house that didn't have it, while homes with professional appliances had a 3.6% price premium, and those with hurricane shutters had a 2.3% price premium.

It's important to note that adding these features may not always offer the return on investment that potential home sellers might expect. However, if you already have these features in your home, highlighting them could help you get more money or a faster sale.

It's also worth noting that multifunctional homes that offer retreat spaces and features for outdoor entertaining are particularly appealing to post-pandemic buyers, who expect their homes to be a place where they can work and play. In fact, homes with a fenced-in backyard or outdoor living space, such as a covered patio or outdoor kitchen/built-in BBQ, typically sold between three to five days faster than a home without those added items.

Finally, in South Florida, having a pool in your home can give you an advantage, as about 60% of homes that sold in Palm Beach County in the past 90 days had a pool.

Overall, if you're looking to sell your home quickly, it's worth considering these features and highlighting them in your home's description. While they may not always offer a guaranteed return on investment, they could help you get more money or a faster sale.

If you're looking to sell your luxury home and want to ensure it sells quickly, consider working with the Robb Luxury Home Group. Our team of experienced real estate agents specializes in selling high-end properties and can help you highlight the features of your home that will appeal to potential buyers. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can help you sell your luxury home faster.

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