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Robert O'Connor

Licensed Realtor®️ and Broker

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At Robb Luxury Home Group we understand that time is the greatest asset we have as human beings. It is finite and irreplaceable. This is always top-of-mind when we engage in the business of selling homes. Our clients never have to worry about their time being wasted because our systems are designed to be as efficient as possible from beginning to end.
As a 25+ year veteran in High-Limit rooms of the casino industry, Rob has worked with more corporate executives, professional athletes, and A-list celebrities than most. Having been involved in some of the largest high-stakes games on the planet, Rob knows how important it is to be “ON” at every moment. Not only to ensure that everything runs smoothly without a single mistake but also to make sure that every need of the client is being attended to and exceeded.
“The goal is to exceed, exponentially, the expectations of even the most discerning of clients, and to do it with the highest level of integrity and discretion every single time.”
From the very beginning, Rob knew he wanted to work with luxury-level clients. After all, this is the clientele he had become so accustomed to serving at such a high level. Rob knew that he would need to earn his stripes first and prove that he was just as proficient in real estate as he was in gaming.
Now armed with the experience and knowledge of the real estate industry, Rob has discovered a void in the way that luxury clients were being served in Tampa Bay. “I was shocked to see these million-plus dollar homes being treated the same as every other house out there in regards to the marketing. Sure they had professional photos and sometimes a fancier-looking sign in the yard, but that was it! Look, I’m not saying that they have been served badly, they have just been under-served from a marketing standpoint for the level of client that they are.”
“Luxury clients deserve luxury-level service, plain and simple. This includes a better, the Best, level of marketing. Not the same old, antiquated marketing of the past.”
Seeing this pattern of what Rob considers “antiquated marketing” or complete lack thereof, Rob set out to learn from the best in the business. He hired a coach that has been one of the top luxury agents in the country, he joined marketing mastermind groups within the real estate industry and outside of it, and he subscribed to and studied what top agents, like Ryan Serhant, were doing in the countries top markets.
“What I learned was, it is not about pretty pictures or getting in front of the most people, it’s about getting in front of the right people and delivering an experience. Telling the story of a property in a way that gets someone engaged and excited. You just can’t do that with pictures.”
Now, along with an arsenal of advanced marketing techniques and new technologies, Rob uses his real-world “HIGH-LIMIT” experience in his real estate business. Employing a wide variety of marketing assets, including targeted social media advertising, influence marketing, geo-fencing, the latest in video technologies (FPV drone), press releases, and more, to get the most amount of exposure to the right people at the right time so we get the most amount of money in the least amount of time.

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Robert is a local Real Estate Professional with Coldwell Banker specializing in Global Luxury. Whether it's a sprawling golf course estate, a waterfront boaters paradise, or anything between, Robert combines his new school, advanced marketing techniques with an old school, concierge level of service, and discretion to facilitate the transaction with the highest level of integrity.

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