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Record Tourism in Tampa Bay: $1 Billion in Taxable Hotel Revenue in 2023

Record Tourism in Tampa Bay: $1 Billion in Taxable Hotel Revenue in 2023

Tampa Bay's tourism industry has achieved unprecedented success this year, as reflected in the astounding $1 billion taxable hotel revenue that has been generated. This monumental achievement underscores the city's growing appeal as a prime tourist destination and the collective effort of its tourism stakeholders.

A Year of Stellar Performance

Visit Tampa Bay, the city's primary tourism promotion organization, announced that the last fiscal year was the most successful to date in terms of taxable hotel revenue, which exceeded the $1 billion mark. To put this into perspective, in the month of September alone – which marked the conclusion of the fiscal year – the tourist development tax surged to $4.3 million. This represents a 6.2% increase from the previous year. Additionally, hotel taxable revenue stood at $73 million, showing a 7.2% hike. Hotel occupancy, a crucial metric in the hospitality sector, also witnessed a rise, reaching 63.7% in September.

A Celebration of Success

The scale of this success was evident when Visit Tampa Bay commemorated its most fruitful year ever, alongside nearly 500 partners from the industry. Sharing the achievement on their Facebook page, the organization emphasized the collective effort and collaboration that led to this milestone.

Tampa Bay: A Leading Tourist Destination

The accolades for Tampa Bay don’t end here. The region welcomed over 26.7 million visitors in the fiscal year 2023, further solidifying its status as a must-visit destination. Santiago C. Corrada, the president and CEO of Visit Tampa Bay, lauded the commitment and dedication of every individual in the tourism industry. His statement echoed the pride the city takes in setting standards that many others aim to emulate.

Adding to this pride is the recognition Tampa Bay has received on global platforms. Earlier this year, TIME magazine hailed Tampa Bay as one of the best places in the world to visit. Furthermore, Tampa Bay is at the forefront of hospitality recovery, securing the top position among the top 25 markets in the U.S. This ranking comes from the recent Hospitality Group and Business Performance Index released by Knowland and Amadeus.


Tampa Bay's remarkable achievements in the tourism sector this year are a testament to the city's allure, the combined efforts of its tourism professionals, and its ability to consistently set high standards. As more travelers discover the beauty and vibrancy of Tampa Bay, the city is poised for even greater success in the years to come.

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