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Maximize Your Home's Value: Trendy Features That Attract Buyers

Maximize Your Home's Value: Trendy Features That Attract Buyers

As the housing market continues to evolve, so do the preferences of home buyers. Today, certain trendy features not only catch the eye of potential buyers but can also significantly boost your home's value and reduce its time on the market. Here’s what you need to know if you’re considering selling your home soon.

Trendy Features That Increase Sale Prices

Recent research from Zillow highlights that homes with specific modern features can command higher sale prices. For instance, homes with an outdoor TV can fetch a premium of 3.1%, adding up to $10,749 on a typical U.S. home. This is just one of many outdoor features that are highly sought after by today’s buyers. Others, like outdoor showers, pizza ovens, and bluestone patios, also contribute to fetching higher-than-expected sale prices.

Interior Features That Make a Difference

Inside the home, certain contemporary design elements are in high demand:

  • Soapstone Countertops: Now surpassing quartz, soapstone countertops can raise a home’s sale price by 3%.
  • Matte Black Finishes and White Oak Flooring: These features are essential in modern home designs and can boost sale prices by 2.9% and 1.6%, respectively.
  • Beverage Centers: Replacing the traditional wine fridge, these versatile undercounter refrigerators can increase a home's value by 2.4%.

Speeding Up the Sale

Certain features not only add value but also speed up the sale process. Homes mentioning rounded corners, popular in contemporary architecture, tend to sell six days faster than those without. Features that appeal to specific buyer groups, like plant ledges for #Plantparents, can also lead to quicker sales, as they sell more than five days faster than expected.

Considerations Before Adding New Features

While these trendy features can enhance a home’s appeal and value, installing them solely for resale purposes may not always yield a high return. It’s crucial to consider the overall context of your home and its location. Features that are valuable in one neighborhood might not have the same appeal in another. Working with an experienced real estate agent who understands local market trends can help you decide which features to highlight or upgrade.

Navigating Market Challenges

Despite the allure of these features, the overall affordability challenges faced by buyers, exacerbated by higher mortgage rates, mean that price premiums for individual features were generally lower in 2023 compared to previous years. Sellers must balance the attractiveness of their home’s features with realistic pricing to attract the right buyers.


As you prepare to list your home this spring, focusing on these desirable features can be a significant advantage. At SERHANT., we are dedicated to leveraging our market knowledge and innovative marketing strategies to help you highlight the right features of your home, ensuring you achieve the best possible sale price.

For personalized advice and to learn more about how we can assist in selling your home effectively, please reach out. Let’s make your home sale a success!

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