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Live, Laugh, Love. In Quarantine?

At the time of writing this article, schools are closed, gatherings are limited, no bars, only drive-thru food pickup at restaurants, and all the toilet paper are gone, oh my. I, like many others, have started to limit my exposure to the outside world and have instead opted to spend a great deal more time at home. Right now this is mostly optional, but by the time you are reading this, it may not be as more districts impose stronger restrictions on being out in public.

I’m willing to bet that when you were searching for the home you are currently in, you didn’t put “perfect for a quarantine” on the must-have list. I imagine you’re rethinking that now though, should you have?

So this got me thinking, is there such a thing as a perfect home to spend all day in, every day for an undetermined amount of time? What would that even look like? Is it just so massive that you could further self-quarantine away from your own family? An office so you can work from home? Do you have a giant pantry with months’ worth of provisions? A large wine cellar with a theater room and a pool outside for entertaining yourself and the kids?

I know the answer is different for everybody because we all have different circumstances and needs. Some homes are filled with young families, some with older teenaged kids, some are soon to be families, while others have already raised their families. The fact is, no house is perfectly suited for all family dynamics, and certainly not for the current situation.

So what do you do? You make the best of the one thing you do have, time. Hopefully, you have a job that allows you to work and earn an income from home, but if not, maybe now is a good time to take an online course to further your career, or start a new one, for when we do come out of this (and YES we will come out of this!). You could catch up on the things that you previously didn’t have time for, for example, that honey-do list you have been putting off. Make improvements to your home, maybe put a fresh coat of paint on the walls, or shampoo the carpets. Or, you could take that tent out of the garage and bring your kids on a camping trip in the backyard and teach them how to make s’mores.

Ultimately, there is no such thing as a “perfect for a quarantine” home. The home you are in, or maybe the one you were in the process of buying before all this started, is as perfect as it’s going to get right now. It’s not really about the house itself at all or its features, it’s about you, your family, and how you decide to live in it. Stay safe, stay vigilant, and be kind, we are all in this together.

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