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How Affluent Seniors Can Downsize With Ease

As people get older, they often find that their family homes are simply too big for retirement. Kids move out, unused rooms are often filled with excess stuff, and unnecessary heating and cooling costs can drive up utility bills. With that in mind, Robb Luxury Home Group offers the following resources to help you through the downsizing process.


What Kind of Home Is Best?


Choosing the right home is key to downsizing. In addition to finding the right neighborhood, choose a style and layout that will accommodate your needs.



The Financial Benefits Never End


If your house has outgrown you, it may not be easy to part with the memories, but finally cashing in on the investment is a strong incentive. You’re not just trading in a big house for a smaller one and keeping the difference, but the move will encourage leaner, less-expensive habits of living.


  • With fewer rooms, you’ll be downsizing your lifestyle too. Especially, since the conscious decision to live more simply was one of the prime motivators for the move.
  • Moving to a walkable neighborhood can upgrade your quality of life, with new hangouts and pedestrian destinations.
  • The change of scenery can be your daily reminder that you’re in a new phase of life.


Packing and Organizing


Packing is one of the most tedious and time-consuming parts of moving, but these helpful resources will simplify the process.



How to Handle Moving Day


Once you make it to moving day, you’re almost over the finish line. The tips in these guides will help you ensure everything goes smoothly.



Downsizing isn’t always a simple task, but it’s well worth it. By finding a home that’s right for your retirement and by carefully planning your downsize, you can enjoy your golden years confident that you’re in the right place.


At Robb Luxury Home Group, we understand that time is the greatest asset we have as human beings. It is finite and irreplaceable. This is always top-of-mind when we engage in the business of selling homes. Call (813) 928-6745 for a free move-down consultation.

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