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Homeownership in Tampa Bay: New Report Reveals Significant Wealth Gains for Homeowners in the Last Five Years

Homeownership in Tampa Bay: New Report Reveals Significant Wealth Gains for Homeowners in the Last Five Years

A new report says that people who own homes in three cities near Tampa Bay have become wealthier in the last five years. This report is from a company called MyEListing.

The report shows which cities had the biggest increase in wealth for people who own homes. The price of homes in the United States has gone up a lot in the last year, and the price in Tampa Bay has doubled in the last five years. This is because a lot of people want to buy homes, the economy is doing well, and interest rates are low.

The report lists the top 25 cities in the country where people who own homes have become wealthier since before the pandemic. One of the cities near Tampa Bay, called Lakeland-Winter Haven, is in the top 10. This city had a 108% increase in wealth for homeowners over the last five years.

The report uses information from a group called the National Association of Realtors to find out how much wealth people have gained by owning homes. The report also shows which cities have been growing the most in the last year. The city with the fastest growth is Boise City-Nampa, Idaho, and the other cities in the top three are Phoenix and Salt Lake City.

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