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Florida Ranks Number One: The Sunshine State's Housing Market Shines Bright

Florida Ranks Number One: The Sunshine State's Housing Market Shines Bright

Amidst the ups and downs of the turbulent U.S. housing market, one state stands out like a beacon of hope for prospective buyers and investors - Florida. CNBC's annual America's Top States for Business study has revealed that the Sunshine State has claimed the top spot in terms of housing market health and value. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons why Florida has secured its position as the strongest housing market in America and why it is an enticing destination for homebuyers seeking the best value for their investment.

1. Unparalleled Appreciation: Soaring Towards the Sky

The first key factor propelling Florida to the pinnacle of CNBC's rankings is its remarkable appreciation rate. The housing market in the Sunshine State has witnessed a jaw-dropping appreciation rate of 15.2%, outshining every other state in the nation. As new residents flock to Florida's sunny shores, the demand for housing has surged, causing prices to skyrocket. This substantial appreciation not only benefits current homeowners with increased property values but also attracts potential buyers who recognize the potential for lucrative returns on their real estate investments.

2. A Magnet for Growth: The Attraction of Florida

Beyond its renowned beaches and warm climate, Florida's booming economy has been drawing businesses and individuals alike. As companies and job opportunities flourish, more people are choosing to call Florida home. This influx of population has driven the demand for housing even higher, creating a seller's market where homes are in high demand. The result? Florida's real estate market continues to thrive, further boosting the state's standing as a housing market powerhouse.

3. A Home-Building Frenzy: Meeting the Demand

To meet the surging demand for housing, Florida has witnessed an impressive home-building frenzy. Builders across the state have been busy constructing new homes and developments to accommodate the growing population. The strong construction activity has helped maintain a healthy housing supply, easing the strain on the market and making homeownership more attainable for buyers. For those looking for modern, move-in-ready properties, Florida offers a wealth of choices.

4. Rarity of Underwater Mortgages: Stability in Troubled Waters

One significant aspect that sets Florida apart from many other states is its rarity of underwater mortgages. With just 1.2% of mortgages classified as underwater, homeowners in Florida are not facing negative equity concerns to the same extent as in some other markets. This stability provides added assurance to buyers that their investments are more likely to hold value over time.

5. Foreclosures on the Radar: Cautionary Considerations

While Florida basks in its housing market success, it is not without challenges. Rising foreclosures have been identified as a potential sign of stress in the market. Keeping an eye on foreclosure rates is crucial, as an increase in distressed properties could impact housing prices in the future. As with any real estate investment, thorough due diligence is essential, and buyers should exercise caution to ensure they make informed decisions.


In the competitive landscape of America's housing markets, Florida has emerged as the clear winner, claiming the top spot with its exceptional performance. With soaring appreciation rates, a growing economy, and a bustling home-building industry, the Sunshine State presents an abundance of opportunities for both current and future homeowners. While caution is advised due to rising foreclosure rates, the overall picture is one of strength and resilience, making Florida an enticing destination for buyers seeking the best value for their housing investment. As the housing market continues to evolve, Florida's shine shows no signs of fading, beckoning those in pursuit of a happy and prosperous home.


While Florida reigns supreme as the top housing market in America, there are several other states that have also demonstrated their resilience and appeal to buyers. South Carolina, securing the second position, offers solid price appreciation and affordability, drawing in both residents and businesses. Maine, despite its lackluster economy, has surprised many with its rising housing market, showcasing strong activity and reasonable affordability. North Carolina, the third-ranked state, is experiencing robust growth, but rising prices have posed challenges for some buyers.

Georgia, Indiana, New Jersey, and Ohio are among the states that have earned respectable positions in CNBC's rankings. Each state possesses its unique strengths, such as affordability in Ohio, balanced markets in New Jersey, and solid numbers in Georgia and Indiana. However, rising foreclosure rates in Georgia and Indiana warrant cautious consideration for potential buyers.

Rounding up the list are Wisconsin and Alabama. Both states boast healthy price appreciation and relatively low foreclosure activity. While Wisconsin experienced a drop in home sales, its affordability remains promising. On the other hand, Alabama faces challenges with a concerning percentage of mortgages at risk of default, but housing remains relatively affordable.

Overall, these 10 states have proven their mettle in America's strongest housing markets, offering buyers the best value and showcasing the diversity of opportunities available across the country. As buyers navigate the dynamic real estate landscape, understanding the nuances of each state's market is essential for making informed decisions and securing a happy home.

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